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All of the judges were very impressed by Marks work. It was felt by all that he had created a fresh and innovative solution to the brief, and had presented it in a clear, exciting and professional manner. Although Marks rendering style is not yet perfect, it must be remembered that at only seventeen he has plenty of time to improve his already very striking style.

All of the judges were full of praise for Marks work, the words of one judge (David Beasley) summed up very well the way we all felt.

"First thoughts…wow. The opening page of sketches, even though mostly all in side profile, stood out as they were white on a black background – always a good way to get attention. The style is fluid and aggressive, quite unique and fresh and made me want to study them in detail, imagining the surfaces and volumes in my head. Different methods of traction were proposed and the sketches highlighted the form first rather than picking out details - a perfect opener to the process of design. The development renderings were ‘out of this world’ – although not perfect yet (you will continually improve at an exponential rate,) they were by far the most expressive marker renderings I’ve seen. The colours drew me in, and the views were perfectly descriptive of the details you wanted to highlight. The use of innovative and realistic proportional packaging was particularly good, as was the chosen method of traction – contra-rotating elasticated chords - the only one in the works I had seen. The final computer renderings said it all: a final large image of the vehicle in its environment, and the corresponding orthographic views of the final design. Perfect."

My own opinion on Marks work was similar. The ideas he came up with were very fresh and exciting....and did not give me the feeling of having seen something similar before. I also enjoyed his bold use of colour, whilst not detracting too much from the actual design itself. I did feel however that the final renders could be improved by toning down the reflections a little.

All of the judges wish you well in your future design career, and hope that the prizes (an A5 wide format tablet, a gift box set of Scott Robertson's new books and a signed hard back copy of Design Sketching) help you on your journey.

Congratulations to Mark Juhasz!
page last updated; 2014-06-15
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