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Nicholas Lee Dunderdale

The design from Nicholas was easily the most futuristic and eye catching of the entries we received. His design was inspired by the speed and efficiency of the FedEx company, something successfully captured in the final aesthetic of the design. A key part of the design is the ability to transfer the load carrying container effortlessly between air and road modes of transport, saving time and effort. Nicholas also tackled the usability from a driver standpoint with his front located walk in stairway entrance.

The entry from Nicholas generated a lot of discussion, and only missed a place in the final three by a very, very, narrow margin. The design was successful in capturing the spirit of speed and efficiency, key to the FedEx brand. The presentation was also well put together and eye catching, with some very nice renders. We would however have liked to see some more of the development sketches and ideas. The turning abilities of the vehicle also came into question, and it was felt that Nicholas could have done a little more presentation work specifically to show how this part of the design would work.

Sergey Konkov

Segey based his design on the Sony brand, and as such created a vehicle with a very high-tech feeling. With a centre positioned driver and a hybrid drivetrain featuring driving motors in the wheels the design tackled some interesting issues. Sergey also made use of both the Sony design language, as well as more traditional Japanese design cues and forms.

The judges were impressed with the sketching skills shown, including both the range of ideas and quality of the sketches. It is obvious that Sergey is at ease with his sketching. It was felt however that the final design lacked some of the subtlety that could be expected of a Sony branded design. We also missed a few of the details regarding how the proposed design would improve the usability of the vehicle from the exterior design perspective.

Carlos Ramos

Based on the Skipper Marine brand, the design from Carlos aimed at providing a support truck for sea racing teams. Aesthetics therefore played a key part in the design, given the vehicles role as a high visibility representative of the brand.

The judges were impressed with the final renders from Carlos, as well as the vehicles automotive design feeling. We did miss however some more descriptive aspects on the presentation, and were left a little unsure on the functions of the vehicle.

We hope that getting your work featured makes up a little for not finishing in the top three, and again, well done!!
page last updated; 2014-06-15
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