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Duplicate the rim layer and using EDIT > TRANSFORM put the wheels into position. You may feel they look a little flat, but we are going to do something to fix that.
Paste the rim you want to use for the car. Here I am using a rim design that I produced previously. As this vehicle is moving I have used FILTER > BLUR > RADIAL BLUR to create the feeling of rotation.
As before we can now use the Motion Blur filter in order to create the feeling of motion.
Similar to the method used to produce the street, we can now draw a random shape for the brushes alongside the street.
You can see here that I have added the light to the headlamps. Create a new layer for this. Using the pen tool, create a path and then RIGHT CLICK > STROKE PATH > BRUSH. Before doing this you will have to define a line thickness by choosing a brush that has the correct diameter. We will take white as the light colour. Now double click on the layer to open the Layer Style window. Select the Outer Glow option and choose blue as the glow colour.
Place the layer with your random lines under the layer containing the shadows and using IMAGE > TRANSFORM adjust the layer until it looks like it is part of the street. This is important in giving the whole image a feeling of speed. If you are working on a rendering of a parked car you obviously wont need to use this and the previous two steps. Just skip them.
Once you have put down some random lines use the Motion Blur filter (set to maximum) to soften the effect, and give it some direction.
Now we are going to start working on the environment, or to be more specific, the street. Pick a small brush (1-3px) and draw some random lines or forms like the ones you see here. Of course do this on a new layer.
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