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Blacking out the interior is a relatively quick job, although we will of course go in later to pick out a few highlights and details.

In this image I have also added the side skirt.
Now for the wheels. The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I am using "layer sets" in my image. Basically this means I am putting some layers into folders. This helps you keep track of your layers, especially when you have a lot as I tend to do. You can see here for example that I have used many layers to create the wheels, but they are all grouped into one "layer set".

I have taken some time with the wheels, not least because they are chrome, and therefore pick up a lot of details. As has been said by others, poor wheels can spoil an otherwise very good render.
Another new layer, and now I have added the shadow under the vehicle. A trick is to put this layer under all the other vehicle layers, you can then just colour right underneath the car. I actually used two layers to create this shadow. The lighter of the two has a crisp edge, and helps show that there is very strong and direct sunlight on the vehicle. The second shadow, is darker and softer, and really helps throw darkness under the vehicle.
Well obviously I have added some details to the background of the image here. This was simply a case of very quickly and loosely blocking in some shapes. Importantly however I have also added the reflections from these shapes. For example the reflections from the lines on the road have been added to the body side. As has been said before... take some time to understand these reflections... don't just copy them blindly!
A small step here, but I have taken some time just to work into some of the details, and crisp up the line work a little. I have also added a bit of depth to the side windows, shading where necessary. You will also notice that I even decided to tone down the reflections on the hood a little more.
Showing the environment and how it reflects on the surfaces of your vehicle comes next. It is important to note that this comes only after the basic lighting and shading is finished. At this stage I have only looked at how the far away objects have reflected onto the vehicle. These reflections are generally very subtle, so avoid the temptation to overdo them. Again, take the time to try to understand why these reflections are visible, and what they are reflections of.
page last updated; 2014-06-15
Adobe Photoshop Illustration, Old Bentley
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